We are looking for ionic/javascript/node wizards who can eat bower for breakfast, build a nice plate of cordova salad for lunch and directives for dinner. Our app is already used by thousands of users and we want somebody who loves to see products grow, and grow with the products.

- Ionic/Angular
- Very comfortable with a polyglot architecture
- Even better if they are full stack and can write in nodejs (MEAN)
- Experience with graph programming (neo4j) is a plus
- If you have the "spark", we love people who have prior big data experience. You are welcome to dig into our analytics routines.
- If you are in SF Bay Area, we get to meet and share meals, if not we work on Slack
- Fire in the belly - you have to love food (MUST HAVE)!

About Qulinary:
At Qulinary, our aim is to help people discover food based on their own style - whether they have special dietary needs or just want to live a healthy lifestyle. We work with restaurants, chefs and local commerce companies to help you find food that you will love to eat! Qulinary Inc. is based in Silicon Valley and founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs. Check out www.qulinary.com for more information.