Job Description:
We are looking for a Mid / Senior Backend Developer specializing in PHP. We work primarily with Laravel and AWS and plan to grow the web team by a few members over the next several months. The candidate will be responsible for building application logic, API endpoints for multiple device types, and intentionally writing reusable code that conforms to open standards and SOLID principles. This position will mostly require new code with a ratio of about 75% new applications, 25% supporting existing applications. Hired candidates will report to the lead back-end engineer.

We are looking for someone who
• Is honest
• Thinks clearly and communicates clearly
• Understands how to separate concerns and consistently tries to keep code obvious
• Either has experience with Laravel 5.0+ or is interested in using it as their primary framework
• Has experience designing / organizing relational database schemas and complex queries
• Understands RESTful web services (both creating and consuming them)
• Given a template, can build a basic UI without lots of direction
• Has experience with iterative development
• Wants to constantly grow both as a developer and as a leader
• Can deliver (Quality is required, but true developers ship)
Front-end development experience (HTML, (S)CSS, JS / Angular)
• TDD experience / familiarity
• Experience with Queues (e.g. Beanstalkd, Amazon SQS)
• Experience with big data
• Design experience (Adobe creative products)
• Open source experience
• Active in the meetup and knowledge sharing spaces

Please send your resume to [email protected] and speak to me at 281-358-1858 x 305